SableRenae_0228Spend The Night With Me Tonight
Collapse your body next to mine, still sweaty and panting from our fucking
Let me drift into dirty dreams with my fingers in the coarse hair of your chest
My naked thigh draped over yours
Your arms holding me against you
The scent of sex sending us to sleep

Arouse me at 2am with your tongue on my clit
Your mouth greedy for me again
My cunt tingling but my brain not yet aware of what’s real
Keep me in that surreal state between wakefulness and dreams

Surprise me at 4am with your cock against my ass
No soft sleepy sucking this time
A brutal awakening of hard hungry thrusts
Force fucking from me my pleasure until you spend yourself upon my skin

Wake me in the morning with tender kisses on my lips
Your body gently sliding over mine as my eyes open to meet yours
Soft sleepy sex in the morning sunlight

Spend the night with me tonight

– Nexxi