Saturday Night


Saturday Night
by MH17  
It’s Saturday night and it’s time to play. I am sitting in the wing back chair that faces our bed. My chair is about 8 feet from the foot of our four post bed. The bed has rope attached to each post and a large pillow that sits against the headboard.
I am wearing a blue and white stripe shirt, navy plain front dress pants, a brown belt and brown lace wing-tips. I have candles lit and soft jazz playing in the background. There is a glass of red wine on the night stand with the bottle on a small table next to me.
I hear the shower stop and a minute later the sound of your hair dryer. The minutes pass slowly as the anticipation builds. I am sitting with my eyes closed thinking about what you are going to do and I can’t help but feel my cock getting hard.
The bathroom door opens and you whisper, “Are you ready, Lover”?
I open my eyes and smile. You stand in the doorway in black thigh-hi stockings, black high heels and a black choker. Your lipstick is bright red and your hair is pulled back in a pony tail. You’re topless and I can see that your nipples are already hard.
“Yes, I am ready….now be a good girl and lay back on pillow, put your hands above you head and spread your legs”.
You do as I tell you and I can see your breathing is picking up and there is a slight wet spot on your panties.
“You want this don’t you’?
“Yes….yes I want this”.
You watch me as I stand up and walk to the foot of the bed. I stare into your eyes and then slowly look at your body….. from your hands above your head….to your hard nipples… between your spread legs.
“Spread your legs wider and tell me what you want”.
You spread your legs wider as a moan escapes your lips.
“Aaaahhhh….I want to do exactly what you tell me to do…..I want to please you however you want”.
I walk to the night stand, pick up the wine and hand it to you. You smile and as you take a sip I gently place my fingertips against your panties. I slowly begin to stroke up and down with a touch you can barely feel. You are raising your hips to meet me and I step back.
“Take another sip and put the glass down”.
You do as I say and I notice you have that look in your eye…the look that says bring it on, I will do anything you desire….
“Show me how you play with your tits….show me how much you love to play with your tits”…
You reach down, take a tit in each hand and gently begin to caress your tits….slowly at first….the tops……the sides….the bottoms…..your slowly pinch and pull your nipples……as you do this I can see you beginning to grind your hips up and down…..
“Rougher… me how you love to abuse your tits”….
“Yes….yes…..I love it”….
I can hear your breathing getting heavier and see your panties are soaked…..
You are no longer gentle….you roughly squeeze your tits….mashing them separately and then together….you are pinching and pulling your nipples….moaning and grinding your hips……
I take a scissor out of a drawer and lean over and grab your panties in one hand…
“OMG…OMGOMG”……you’re moaning and panting….
I reach over and grab the top of your panties and pull up hard…
I continue to pull them up and then I cut them off…..
“Now slut… me how you make yourself cum”…..
I walk to my chair and sit down.
You are lost…..with one hand you are torturing your tits and the other hand is between your spread legs rubbing…..fingering…..faster and faster…..
I can see how close you are as you spread your legs even further and stroke your clit back and forth…back and forth…faster and faster and faster until…
“omgomgomgomg…..I’m cuuuuuuummming…..fukfukfuk”…
You’re cumming and squirting over and over…..the more you’re cumming the faster you stroke your clit.
You slowly stop stroking but your body is still convulsing…..the sheets under you are soaked and your tits are bright red……your pussy is swollen and wide open. You look at me with that I am just getting started look.
“That was so hot”, I tell you.
“I hope your liked the appetizer” you say, “wait till I show you the main course”….