Sable Renae – my overnight ecstasy

My time with Sable … Originally, I came to the ranch because I had an appointment with another lady – who fell ill. I was in town for a limited time, so I dropped by the Sagebrush for a tour and Sable chose to show me around. I had seen Sable on the website, and this being my first time to the ranch I was intimidated, mostly as a result of my own insecurity. We had some conversation after which I chose to leave. Later that night, I sent her an email – and she promptly responded and invited me to have a more personal meeting. So I cleaned up, returned to the ranch… one thing led to another and she returned to my room with me.

For a ranch virgin like me… the negotiations are unnerving. It was hard for me to separate the price negotiations from the relationship portion of the experience. My mind was wanting to skip to the second part! Thankfully, Sable was able to “carry me through” the process including talking with the cashier so we could be on our way. The subsequent times have been much easier – practice makes perfect, so to say…

I’m glad I chose to take Sable to my room, this option is more expensive; but, for my first time it was worth it so that I could relax and enjoy the experience. Sable was very kind and generous. During our drive back to my room we talked about what makes an excellent experience. The parts of the physical experience that are important – and she graciously accommodated each of those requests. I was not confident in my sexual abilities – seriously, I was very tentative. The good thing is Sable spoke right up andlet me know what was working and how to enhance our skin on skin time. Thankfully, she was patient, communicated well and … it was awesome for me.

My next time, I booked an overnight with Sable. The ranches are great – they met me at the airport with the limo service and quickly zipped me to the ranch. Sable meets me at the door, and she walks me to her room where I was able to shower up for our evening – she had men’s soap, shampoo and a big towel all ready for me. I don’t know about anyone else… but, I get sweaty & stinky flying on a plane. It felt great to be showered and fresh for a hot evening. Next, we settled the business part and we were off…

Sable picked a great restaurant (Glen Eagles). Then we were off to the suite that she booked for us at the Gold Dust West (GREAT HOTEL) complete with free breakfast for two. Our suite was awesome – I’m tall (6’4”) and our suite had a California King bed (so my feet don’t hang off the end!!). The room also had a jetted tub and we took advantage of that – very fun and very sexy!

Funny story … we took a good long time at dinner talking and enjoying one another’s company. By the end, both of us were getting amorous so we skipped dessert. We walk out and across the parking lot to our car, by the time we reach the car we are kissing and carrying on like teenagers. During the drive to the Gold Dust, we are getting increasingly physical to the point Sable misses a turn delaying the inevitable. We finally get to the hotel. During check-in we cannot keep our hands off one another and barely keep from embarrassing ourselves. Finally, we get our suite key cards; but, the suite is as far away from the front desk as possible – a 2-minute hike. We finally reach our room… BUT the key cards won’t open the suite door. The key card works in the outside door but won’t open our room. So we hike back to the front desk to get new key cards, now other guests are checking in… we wait a minute until Sable interrupts them (THANK YOU, Sable) and they quickly make us new keys and give us the standard lecture… “keep the cards away from your cell phones and other credit cards.” We hike back to our room… these cards don’t work either! NOW, I’m ready to pounce poor Sable in the middle of the hall!! This time we use our cell phone and call the front desk (instead of hiking). To the credit of the Gold Dust, they send somebody immediately with a maintenance person. They determine the door lock needs a battery replacement – good grief!! The good thing is they FINALLY get us in our suite with a master key.We step inside and before the door is all the way closed I have Sable naked (she only had a dress on – just the way I like it). The maintenance worker knocks on the door; I stick my head out, what now!?!?! Meanwhile Sable is pulling off my shorts… The maintenance guy says he will be able to replace the battery from the outside. OMG!! I SURE HOPE SO!! Since we’re not going to be in a position to let anyone inside for the next couple hours. Our clothes are littered across the floor all the way to the bed and Sable shoves me onto the bed and jumps on top of me (I’m loving it). I’m sweating and holding on for dear life as we both experience the throes of passion. Five minutes later I notice Sable still has her shoes on!!

What can I say about the night? At one point I passed out for a couple hours… and, awoke to more of Sable. She let me know that for ultimate performance, I have to hydrate and eat – so we did. One thing I will note is that her oral skills are the best I’veexperienced. The other thing I appreciate is she remembers my preferences – so subsequent visits exceed the prior version. I’m looking forward to my next visit.

Thank you Sable for being a patient teacher and awesome lover – it is not something I will ever forget!!