What is Pretty?

Class, today we will be discussing a rather polarizing topic. What is pretty? We can all think back on our early years, and the hell of social acceptance, and the questions that would run through our developing minds. Am I thin enough? Am I muscular enough? Is my hair nice? Do I have enough money? Why does everyone love (insert name like Bryce or Madison) and not me? Did I remember to put on deodorant today? Why did my mom buy me these Macgregor shoes? I am going to get so much shit for these ugly things. Luckily, we get older, and what was once, I really hope no one picks on me today for these parachute pants, becomes, fuck it, I’m wearing parachute pants to the grocery store. *5 second delay...

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Fuck Cuddles

sableheaderIt is a cold morning. I wake up and glance at the clock, 5:30 am. The whole house is quiet. I can hear your even breathing in your sleep. Instinctively I back up and cuddle into you, seeking your warmth. Without you waking up I feel your arms pull me closer towards your naked body. Relaxed and content to be with you, I close my eyes and try to go back to sleep. Its Sunday and we don’t have to work.
Just as I am dozing off, your hand reaches for my breast and you roll my nipple between your fingers. I grin to myself, but pretend to be asleep. You continue gently playing with my nipple and I can now feel your cock hardening against my backside. You pinch my nipple hard and I let out a small yelp in surprise. I hear you whisper to me” I know you are awake, but don’t move”.
I hold completely s...

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First A (a new review)

213A few weeks ago I get an email from Sable telling me that because she has not experience of anal sex (her boyfriend isn’t interested in it) she was losing business from clients who wanted it from her. She asked if I could teach her how to enjoy it. This is a favor I am happy to grant. I had her start a week before she came here by telling her just what kind of plug to get to train her anus and to keep it in twenty minutes a day while using a vibrator on her cunt. Sable comes very easily so I figured she’d learn to like the anal sensation more easily with some additional pleasure.
Sable is always very punctual. She’s not much for enduring pain, though she will take it for me, but she loves to give beautiful service of any kind. She is very graceful at this...

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give yourself to me
by thepagemaster
i told him:

“give yourself to me;
i promise poetry
and portraits

i will make you cry,
and i will make you laugh.

on your back
upon the floor —
or in the garden
with the flowers

you taste
in the sun”

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213I Need
by DaddyDa

I am in the need
to be pleased
My cock is begging
to be released
It’s being strangled
by my jeans
Get on the bed
don’t tease
I’m in the mood
to take you like a beast
No Foreplay
No Roleplay
All I need is to
fuck you
All I need is
your pussy
I can’t wait
I need it now
I will not lick your VJ
don’t give me a BJ
don’t even talk
I’m filled with need
to release my seed
so deep inside of you
I can’t help myself
I can’t control myself
I’m letting go of the beast
inside of me
So sorry if I get a
little rough
or a little too deep
but your satisfaction
will be reached
I won’t leave until
I see you incapable of walking
and talking
even then I might keep
until my cum starts
until my cock stops
I have a little over
7 inch
but it is as close to as thick
as my wris...

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SableRenae_0228Spend The Night With Me Tonight
Collapse your body next to mine, still sweaty and panting from our fucking
Let me drift into dirty dreams with my fingers in the coarse hair of your chest
My naked thigh draped over yours
Your arms holding me against you
The scent of sex sending us to sleep

Arouse me at 2am with your tongue on my clit
Your mouth greedy for me again
My cunt tingling but my brain not yet aware of what’s real
Keep me in that surreal state between wakefulness and dreams

Surprise me at 4am with your cock against my ass
No soft sleepy sucking this time
A brutal awakening of hard hungry thrusts
Force fucking from me my pleasure until you spend yourself upon my skin

Wake me in the morning with tender kisses on my lips
Your body gently sliding over mine as my eyes open to meet yours

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Are you hard yet?

my lips press against yours. Hungry. Urgent.
Kissing you like I’m trying to taste your soul.

My lips against your neck.
My teeth in your flesh. Biting into your pulse.

My tongue down your chest, capturing your nipple, snaking its way down your stomach..across your hips.
Stopping just before reaching the place where you’re standing long and proud, throbbing for me.


my brown eyes looking up at you, brighter with desire.
me lean down, eyes still on you, and lick the base of your cock.
circling, teasing, but never touching.

me take you in my hand, and rub your sensitive head against my nipples.
using your pre-cum as lubricant.

me wipe it off my nipple, and lick the tip of my finger, tasting you.


my lips finally wrap around you.
The warmth of my mouth, and th...

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Saturday Night


Saturday Night
by MH17  
It’s Saturday night and it’s time to play. I am sitting in the wing back chair that faces our bed. My chair is about 8 feet from the foot of our four post bed. The bed has rope attached to each post and a large pillow that sits against the headboard.
I am wearing a blue and white stripe shirt, navy plain front dress pants, a brown belt and brown lace wing-tips. I have candles lit and soft jazz playing in the background. There is a glass of red wine on the night stand with the bottle on a small table next to me.
I hear the shower stop and a minute later the sound of your hair dryer. The minutes pass slowly as the anticipation builds. I am sitting with my eyes closed thinking about what you are going to do and I can’t help but feel my cock getting hard.
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**!!How Our Brothels Work!!**

In case you’ve never been to the brothels out of fear, distance, marriage, whatever the reason,
we are here to accommodate in any and every way we know how!

If you’ve never been here, you are known here by us girl as a brothel virgin!:D:p

Let me explain the kind of things we do here, so you can get a feel of things!

  • The first thing you’ll experience is a line up! What this means is, the girls will line up in a row, introduce themselves by name, and you have the option to pick a girl of your choice, or even TWO! :eek: Our girls are not allowed to speak in line up, so don’t be insulted and turned off, if you speak to us, we cannot speak back! this is important to know, we are just doing our jobs!;)


  • We show you our facilities at no cost to you!! Prices are discussed and negotiated privately in ea...
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Feel my words…

by JustJeni

I’m starved for touch, but if I can touch people with my words then its not so bad…
It’s like freezing to death – you don’t know that your even cold till you feel a little warm. I need to be touched so bad it hurts sometimes and touching my self with words and with hands is not enough. I must touch some one, stroke them, massage them, put my lips to their flesh, feel their heart beat through the skin, and bone. I need to be kissed breathless, to have my hair pulled from the nape of my neck, to feel nails and hungry hands all over, to feel some one else, so frustrated that they are shaking with need beside me … so needy that when I actually touch them they moan out loud, out loud like I would moan if only touched deep enough...

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