My First Time With Sable

OK, here’s a recount of the first time I had the Lady Sable to myself:
I had her scheduled to come to the room I was in. As her show time neared, I hopped into the shower. I was almost finished when I heard a knock. I turned off the water and grabbed my dripping, towel, wrapped it around myself,going to the door thinking “Dammit! Who the hell is bothering me? I’m getting ready for something!!!”
I opened the door, primed to chew someone a new orifice . . . and Sable is standing there; she had shown up early! (I was to learn later that this woman’s professionalism is indisputable!)

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What is Pretty?

Class, today we will be discussing a rather polarizing topic. What is pretty? We can all think back on our early years, and the hell of social acceptance, and the questions that would run through our developing minds. Am I thin enough? Am I muscular enough? Is my hair nice? Do I have enough money? Why does everyone love (insert name like Bryce or Madison) and not me? Did I remember to put on deodorant today? Why did my mom buy me these Macgregor shoes? I am going to get so much shit for these ugly things. Luckily, we get older, and what was once, I really hope no one picks on me today for these parachute pants, becomes, fuck it, I’m wearing parachute pants to the grocery store. *5 second delay. Sorry, I had a flashback of men wearing Philadelphia Eagles parachute pants, and it made me lose my train of thought. Oh, yes! What is pretty? Well, brace yourselves people, because we are going on a bumpy fucking ride.

I like weird things. I like oddballs. I like scars. I like noses that aren’t perfect. I like women, models or not, who are confident in their bodies, because it’s theirs. I like men who know that machismo has a time and a place, and it isn’t 24 fucking 7. I like cross-dressers who can work that look without giving two fucks what people think of them. I like things that sweat and work hard. I like families of 4, who don’t have a pot to piss in, but always make time for one another. I like books that are worn and have that “sat in your grandmother’s oak chest” kinda scent to them. I like finding properly made clothes at a second hand store. I like thinking about who wore the clothes before me, and what kind of crazy shit they got into together. Were these pants hanging on a chair during an Eyes Wide Shut-style orgy, where everyone’s wearing masks with animals holding cigars in their mouth? I like girls who can do squats like a champion, and don’t feel insecure if they aren’t acting feminine enough. I like roads that wind, and bridges that creak. I like rainy days. I like underdog stories. I like a boxer with swollen, bloody eyes, stunning his opponent with an out-of-nowhere right hook, and raising their hands in victory. I like people from the streets who don’t have a nickel to their name, but will give you the shirt off their back if you need it. I like red vines, not just twizzlers. I like shitty comedies, that don’t take themselves seriously. I like old cars with wood-paneling and a tape deck. I like tears of sincerity. I like passionate debate. I like rough sex. I like to hear the truth, even if it hurts. I like the prodigal son. I like Van Gogh’s view of the world.

Beauty isn’t just a rail-thin girl with big doe-eyes. Beauty isn’t just an Abercrombie model standing 6 ft 4″, who’s currently taking his summer off to play soccer in Brazil. Beauty is Johnny Cash screaming into a microphone as prisoners bob their heads. Beauty is a soldier running with a child in his arms as mortar fire falls around them.

All beautiful things aren’t pretty. All pretty things aren’t beautiful. Pretty is subjective.

I just find embraced flaws, unabashed scars, and unique qualities so fucking hot. Give me your weird. If you work hard to look like every shiny quarter out there, then I will flick you down a slot, and take my bubble gum in return. Even if it’s that shitty flavor no one wants, that has been sitting in the machine for years. I would rather grimace and chew the shit out of that bland gum, then pander to basic shine.

Love your un-pretty. It’s what makes you, you.

Fuck Cuddles

sableheaderIt is a cold morning. I wake up and glance at the clock, 5:30 am. The whole house is quiet. I can hear your even breathing in your sleep. Instinctively I back up and cuddle into you, seeking your warmth. Without you waking up I feel your arms pull me closer towards your naked body. Relaxed and content to be with you, I close my eyes and try to go back to sleep. Its Sunday and we don’t have to work.
Just as I am dozing off, your hand reaches for my breast and you roll my nipple between your fingers. I grin to myself, but pretend to be asleep. You continue gently playing with my nipple and I can now feel your cock hardening against my backside. You pinch my nipple hard and I let out a small yelp in surprise. I hear you whisper to me” I know you are awake, but don’t move”.
I hold completely still and let your hands roam over my breast. I can feel your leg nudging mine apart and your cock sliding between my legs, laying against my throbbing pussy. Barely moving you rub your member against my clit, slow and sensual. Back and forth, teasing mercilessly. I now feel the head against my entrance, slowly pushing against it, barely penetrating with the tip. Its a slow and gentle movement and with each stroke you slide in a little further. Your right hand is still playing with my nipple, rolling and tucking in tune with the penetration of your cock.
Once you are fully seated you stop moving. We lay joined in the most intimate way, listening to each others breathing. The urge to move escalates, but I was told not to , so I do the next best thing. I contract my pussy around your cock. Milking you, a gentle massage around your rigid penis. ” What a greedy girl you are ” I hear you say. Your hand reaches between my legs and slaps my clit , making me gasp and then moan. You start rubbing my pussy lips gently while you slide your manhood in and out of my vagina.
The whole act is very different from our usual sex. I love the intimacy, exploring each others bodies, and even so we barely move our arousal escalates into new heights. My breath comes more shallow now, my pussy spasms more rapidly around your cock and my entire body is on fire. You pinch my nipple and clit at the same time and I hear you say, “Come for me now.” Those magic words make me fall over the edge and I orgasm and scream your name. I feel you thrust a few more times and you spill yourself into me.
We lay still, spooning and cuddling and just enjoy being together. You kiss my hair and say, “I love our fuck cuddles……..”

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First A (a new review)

213A few weeks ago I get an email from Sable telling me that because she has not experience of anal sex (her boyfriend isn’t interested in it) she was losing business from clients who wanted it from her. She asked if I could teach her how to enjoy it. This is a favor I am happy to grant. I had her start a week before she came here by telling her just what kind of plug to get to train her anus and to keep it in twenty minutes a day while using a vibrator on her cunt. Sable comes very easily so I figured she’d learn to like the anal sensation more easily with some additional pleasure.
Sable is always very punctual. She’s not much for enduring pain, though she will take it for me, but she loves to give beautiful service of any kind. She is very graceful at this. She showed up here at exactly four p.m. as ordered. She wore only a pretty slave collar (to which she gave me the keys) and some very naughty red shoes with very high heels. Other than that, only a raincoat. She already had her butt-plug in when she arrived. I took her coat, held and kissed her and then made her wait while I found some good leather cuffs to match her collar. I poured her some wine and we sat on the couch with Sable’s hands locked behind her back while I fed her a glass of wine. She’s very affectionate and enjoyed being held close while she drank and I caressed her with my other hand. She’s very attractive – slender, long legs, completely shaved and has about the softest, smoothest skin anyplace.
It was a big occasion and we were both so excited I fucked her pussy first on the dining table, just like Steven in the book. It’s a nice feeling, fucking a girl’s cunt when she has a bumpy plug up her ass. She had to ask permission to come in just a few minutes. It was fun leading her to the playroom because she was a little unsteady on her feet after the first orgasm, but she still managed to get her clever hands around my cock when I guided her by the arm.
I cuffed her to the bondage bed back there, completely spread out, and used the vacuum pump on her (one of her favorite things) until her pussy was very swollen. It was easy to make her come again that way when I put my mouth on her cunt. She has a very eager to please me as well, and very good at it. She may not have been making money from her customers with her ass at that point but she certainly has other skills to offer.
Of course, I wanted to decorate her backside with some nice stripes to look at while fucking her from behind and she took her cane strokes very bravely for a girl who is really more submissive than masochistic, but she does love pleasing men and she knows it pleases me to hurt her at least a little bit first. And she does find some whips sensual. She loved our new short one we got at the event (everyone seems to love that particular whip), which I used on her against the padded wall of our space.
Moving on to the main event, I had her take out her butt-plug, which was nice and clean as she’d been instructed on how to cleanse her plumbing back there first, and got up on the bed on all-fours. I lubricated her very thoroughly, which she clearly enjoyed a lot, and then penetrated her with my cock very slowly and gently, enjoying the clean, straight lines I’d put on her with the cane. It’s always nice for me when a girl discovers that anal sex can be painless and very pleasurable if done correctly. I also let her use the vibrator on her clit while I did it. Not too many girls orgasm from their first experience with anal sex, but I’m happy to say Sable had three before I had myself sufficiently excited to withdraw. I made her take off her shoes, gave her a few stripes on her feet and then greased them up so she could entertain me with them before I finished all over her perky little tits.


give yourself to me
by thepagemaster
i told him:

“give yourself to me;
i promise poetry
and portraits

i will make you cry,
and i will make you laugh.

on your back
upon the floor —
or in the garden
with the flowers

you taste
in the sun”


213I Need
by DaddyDa

I am in the need
to be pleased
My cock is begging
to be released
It’s being strangled
by my jeans
Get on the bed
don’t tease
I’m in the mood
to take you like a beast
No Foreplay
No Roleplay
All I need is to
fuck you
All I need is
your pussy
I can’t wait
I need it now
I will not lick your VJ
don’t give me a BJ
don’t even talk
I’m filled with need
to release my seed
so deep inside of you
I can’t help myself
I can’t control myself
I’m letting go of the beast
inside of me
So sorry if I get a
little rough
or a little too deep
but your satisfaction
will be reached
I won’t leave until
I see you incapable of walking
and talking
even then I might keep
until my cum starts
until my cock stops
I have a little over
7 inch
but it is as close to as thick
as my wrist
I will dig out your halls
and fill up the walls
with all of me
don’t worry its guaranteed
now come to me
and be a slave to me
drown in the pleasure I’m giving
I’ll accomplish your fantasy
now get over here
and let me have your pussy
with no restrictions

like it? want it? book an appointment today with me213


SableRenae_0228Spend The Night With Me Tonight
Collapse your body next to mine, still sweaty and panting from our fucking
Let me drift into dirty dreams with my fingers in the coarse hair of your chest
My naked thigh draped over yours
Your arms holding me against you
The scent of sex sending us to sleep

Arouse me at 2am with your tongue on my clit
Your mouth greedy for me again
My cunt tingling but my brain not yet aware of what’s real
Keep me in that surreal state between wakefulness and dreams

Surprise me at 4am with your cock against my ass
No soft sleepy sucking this time
A brutal awakening of hard hungry thrusts
Force fucking from me my pleasure until you spend yourself upon my skin

Wake me in the morning with tender kisses on my lips
Your body gently sliding over mine as my eyes open to meet yours
Soft sleepy sex in the morning sunlight

Spend the night with me tonight

– Nexxi



Are you hard yet?

my lips press against yours. Hungry. Urgent.
Kissing you like I’m trying to taste your soul.

My lips against your neck.
My teeth in your flesh. Biting into your pulse.

My tongue down your chest, capturing your nipple, snaking its way down your stomach..across your hips.
Stopping just before reaching the place where you’re standing long and proud, throbbing for me.


my brown eyes looking up at you, brighter with desire.
me lean down, eyes still on you, and lick the base of your cock.
circling, teasing, but never touching.

me take you in my hand, and rub your sensitive head against my nipples.
using your pre-cum as lubricant.

me wipe it off my nipple, and lick the tip of my finger, tasting you.


my lips finally wrap around you.
The warmth of my mouth, and the softness of my tongue.

your cock sliding further and further.
my molars gently grazing you.
your cock sliding past my tonsils.

How deep you are.


your fingers bury themselves in my hair.
your fingers in the rough softness of my curls.
your nails grazing my scalp.
your hand gathering up the thick mass of my hair, into a makeshift ponytail, as you guide me down even further. until you’re fully sheathed in my throat.


my moans as you fuck my throat.
my gagging, my choking.

me telling you how good you taste as I come up for air.
me telling you I want you back down my throat.


how wet my pussy is for you.
The juice run down your fingers as you dip inside me.
and it collects in your palm.

my moans against the shaft of your cock, vibrating all the way down to your balls.

how my throat tightens as you shoot your load down it.

Now…tell me…

Are you hard yet?
– InsipidSky

Saturday Night


Saturday Night
by MH17  
It’s Saturday night and it’s time to play. I am sitting in the wing back chair that faces our bed. My chair is about 8 feet from the foot of our four post bed. The bed has rope attached to each post and a large pillow that sits against the headboard.
I am wearing a blue and white stripe shirt, navy plain front dress pants, a brown belt and brown lace wing-tips. I have candles lit and soft jazz playing in the background. There is a glass of red wine on the night stand with the bottle on a small table next to me.
I hear the shower stop and a minute later the sound of your hair dryer. The minutes pass slowly as the anticipation builds. I am sitting with my eyes closed thinking about what you are going to do and I can’t help but feel my cock getting hard.
The bathroom door opens and you whisper, “Are you ready, Lover”?
I open my eyes and smile. You stand in the doorway in black thigh-hi stockings, black high heels and a black choker. Your lipstick is bright red and your hair is pulled back in a pony tail. You’re topless and I can see that your nipples are already hard.
“Yes, I am ready….now be a good girl and lay back on pillow, put your hands above you head and spread your legs”.
You do as I tell you and I can see your breathing is picking up and there is a slight wet spot on your panties.
“You want this don’t you’?
“Yes….yes I want this”.
You watch me as I stand up and walk to the foot of the bed. I stare into your eyes and then slowly look at your body….. from your hands above your head….to your hard nipples… between your spread legs.
“Spread your legs wider and tell me what you want”.
You spread your legs wider as a moan escapes your lips.
“Aaaahhhh….I want to do exactly what you tell me to do…..I want to please you however you want”.
I walk to the night stand, pick up the wine and hand it to you. You smile and as you take a sip I gently place my fingertips against your panties. I slowly begin to stroke up and down with a touch you can barely feel. You are raising your hips to meet me and I step back.
“Take another sip and put the glass down”.
You do as I say and I notice you have that look in your eye…the look that says bring it on, I will do anything you desire….
“Show me how you play with your tits….show me how much you love to play with your tits”…
You reach down, take a tit in each hand and gently begin to caress your tits….slowly at first….the tops……the sides….the bottoms…..your slowly pinch and pull your nipples……as you do this I can see you beginning to grind your hips up and down…..
“Rougher… me how you love to abuse your tits”….
“Yes….yes…..I love it”….
I can hear your breathing getting heavier and see your panties are soaked…..
You are no longer gentle….you roughly squeeze your tits….mashing them separately and then together….you are pinching and pulling your nipples….moaning and grinding your hips……
I take a scissor out of a drawer and lean over and grab your panties in one hand…
“OMG…OMGOMG”……you’re moaning and panting….
I reach over and grab the top of your panties and pull up hard…
I continue to pull them up and then I cut them off…..
“Now slut… me how you make yourself cum”…..
I walk to my chair and sit down.
You are lost…..with one hand you are torturing your tits and the other hand is between your spread legs rubbing…..fingering…..faster and faster…..
I can see how close you are as you spread your legs even further and stroke your clit back and forth…back and forth…faster and faster and faster until…
“omgomgomgomg…..I’m cuuuuuuummming…..fukfukfuk”…
You’re cumming and squirting over and over…..the more you’re cumming the faster you stroke your clit.
You slowly stop stroking but your body is still convulsing…..the sheets under you are soaked and your tits are bright red……your pussy is swollen and wide open. You look at me with that I am just getting started look.
“That was so hot”, I tell you.
“I hope your liked the appetizer” you say, “wait till I show you the main course”….

**!!How Our Brothels Work!!**

In case you’ve never been to the brothels out of fear, distance, marriage, whatever the reason,
we are here to accommodate in any and every way we know how!

If you’ve never been here, you are known here by us girl as a brothel virgin!:D:p

Let me explain the kind of things we do here, so you can get a feel of things!

  • The first thing you’ll experience is a line up! What this means is, the girls will line up in a row, introduce themselves by name, and you have the option to pick a girl of your choice, or even TWO! :eek: Our girls are not allowed to speak in line up, so don’t be insulted and turned off, if you speak to us, we cannot speak back! this is important to know, we are just doing our jobs!;)


  • We show you our facilities at no cost to you!! Prices are discussed and negotiated privately in each one of the girl’s rooms! There are a lot of tourists who come here to check it out, no need to be overwhelmed! :) (it is illegal for us women to discuss prices outside of our room, via internet, OR cell phone!) We prefer you here in our arms anyways! :D:p


  • We are all independent contractors, and what this means is, if there is something one girl can’t do, there will be another girl RIGHT around the corner waiting to scoop you up! You are bound to leave happy!:D


  • We get checked here EVERY Wednesday so… safety has never been an issue! CONDOMS are the LAW! And for the married fellas who would rather not get caught doing the deed with us, your privacy is important to us! AND… when you pay with your credit card… it shows Nevada Scenic Tours, completely untraceable! And we don’t want your wives finding out anyways, we love having you here!;)


  • We have bars!:D:cool: It helps cut the tension, and relax! And I know that our girls feel very special when we’re bought a drink from a lovely man!

If you are a fan of the Cathouse, Dennis Hof is frequently around! Our girls would be more than happy to introduce him to you too! One of my customers even bought him a drink! He’s kind of a big deal around here! :);) Oh, and he has a wonderful personality, if you can’t tell by these fun signs!

If you have any questions, do ask away! Don’t be scared:D:eek::oops::rolleyes::)[smilie=heart fill with love.gif]sab004002013542005