–by HappyMan
Enchanted, enamored, blissful, delighted and charmed…these words all describe how I feel about my time with Sable Rene.  I have been seeing professional working girls for the past 16 years.  During that time I have seen well over 50 different ladies and my experiences have run the gamut.  But never…NEVER before have I had the type of euphoric and deeply satisfying experience I recently had with Sable Rene.

I booked my party with her in advance.  When I arrived she was waiting for me dressed in a cute and very sexy little teddy and wearing a beautiful smile.  She gave me a quick tour of the house showing me this and that.  But, honestly, she was so unbelievably beautiful I just kept looking at her in disbelief that I would be lucky enough to have time with her.
Once we were settled in her room and the door was closed, she stood at the end of her bed and smoothly slipped out of her teddy.  My eyes took in her sweet naked body and I felt my heart melt.  I was instantly and completely mesmerized by this spectacularly gorgeous woman standing before me.  Her petite body moved gracefully onto the bed with me as her beautiful free breasts gently swayed.  Her sexy essence was overwhelming.  And then, almost magically, her persona turned into MY girlfriend.   It is hard to explain, but in that moment she was my girlfriend.  I was put completely at ease as if I had somehow known her and shared her bed with her many times before.  I was falling in love.  How could I not?
We touched, caressed each other’s  bodies and embraced as we French kissed.  Soon she was moving south and licking my grateful cock.  I am not sure how she did it or what technique she was using, but once she slipped her mouth over me she gave me sensations that were simply over the top.  She had me standing at attention in a few seconds and I was experiencing the most incredible blow job this man of experience has EVER felt.
From there we progressed to the act.  Let’s just say we work well together…very well.  We came together in a shared moment that I will NEVER forget.  It was one of the best and most blissful Os I have EVER felt.  Afterward, we talked and touched and shared.  She was my girlfriend after all.
Just when I thought our time was over, she brought me into her shower, soaped me up and made sure I was clean and ready to go.  Afterward she took a towel and dried me off with a loving touch.
My girlfriend experience with Sable Rene was the most incredible I have ever known.  She left me mesmerized, enchanted and feeling in love.  Although I do not live near her, I will be back to see her again.  She is my girlfriend after all..