My First Time With Sable

OK, here’s a recount of the first time I had the Lady Sable to myself:
I had her scheduled to come to the room I was in. As her show time neared, I hopped into the shower. I was almost finished when I heard a knock. I turned off the water and grabbed my dripping, towel, wrapped it around myself,going to the door thinking “Dammit! Who the hell is bothering me? I’m getting ready for something!!!”
I opened the door, primed to chew someone a new orifice . . . and Sable is standing there; she had shown up early! (I was to learn later that this woman’s professionalism is indisputable!)

As I blinked, gulped and stuttered, she walked past me into the room, one hip at a time. She looked me up and down and got a little twinkle in her eye. I stammered that I needed to dry off, but she asked me to wait a minute. Her words: “I really, REALLY need to use the restroom, like RIGHT NOW!” As a gentleman, temporarily unbalanced by this slinky, lovely little creature, I told her OK, then stood there feeling stupid as she glided away like a snake with legs (GOD but that woman knows how to move!).
About 90 seconds later, she came out of the restroom wearing a tuxedo shirt (half unbuttoned), a smile (small and mischievous), and an attitude, like I was her next meal! She sauntered up to me, looked down at her shirt then back up to me, and coyly (yes she can PLAY coy when she wants to) asked me if I still need to dry off? “Because, I can leave if you want me to . . .”
Have you ever watched a sped up time lapse of velvet moss covering a tree? Imagine being that tree. Imagine how soft, comforting and warm that moss would be. How unstoppable that slow advance of fuzzy sensation, as it takes over every inch of your skin. That happened to me that day. She covered me with caresses, kisses, licks, suckles and little nibbles until I forgot my name! If my phone had rung at that moment, I might have answered “purple.” If she had asked me the time, I doubt I could have said more than “OK.”
Then she slipped me inside her . . .
Understand something: I am not a well endowed man. I’m no baby dick mutant, but I’ll never sell porn with MY size. Lady Sable made me feel like a woman thumping god taking a virgin teen! She can tighten herself at will, and she . . . is . . . strong! Now, one might think I’d pop like a balloon stuck with a pin, but I didn’t. She made me LAST! We were a good hour before she let (yes, I say LET) me reach what I call “red line.” It’s that point where the last of my own control is gone; one more inch of stroke and it’s over, I will climax. No, Lady Sable is far too talented to let let that happen too soon. We made love with her astride me, in front of me, beneath me and once with her standing, bent at the waist, hands on the door. I wish I was more muscular; she could have handled, in fact would have LIKED being picked up and “nailed to the wall.”
I had had a few lovers before her, but no one as willing to try different things as she is. More importantly, no one as experienced as her, willing to GUIDE me through different things. Truth be told, I’ve given a few orgasms over the years. That day, I learned the difference between a little “O” and a big one, and Sable tutored me!
There’s another Lady I see on occasion when she passes through town. She’s also a pro, but not the House & Ranch type. She’s a Domme, and most of the intimate time she spends with men is the type most people are scared of. This Lady and I have been friends for years, and she tells me I am one of the most tender and attentive lovers she’s ever been with; one of the VERY few with whom she will actually sleep. I am on the short list of her preferred bed partners. Why am I bragging about this? I’m not. Everything I do for, to and with this Lady are things I learned from being with Sable. Think about it: what’s the best way to learn to love a woman? Ask a woman! If you’re brave enough to pose the question, and she has the guts and openness to answer, what better teacher could exist?
And to this day, I can still call Sable to talk to her about ANYTHING! We have maintained a lasting friendship.
I envy ANYONE who gets any intimate time with Lady Sable Renae.