I met Lady Sable when she was at the LRN… she simply oozes that smooth southern charm and when she struck up a conversation with me we hit it off immediately. I had spent a lot of my youth in the Midwest and we had a lot in common and became quick brothel buddies. She ultimately ended up transferring over the Sagebrush Ranch and it was there that we finally hooked up for our inevitable party. I had planned on partying with Sable many times but our individual schedules never synched up finally at the Sagebrush the timing was right and we discussed closing the deal. The negotiation was quick and we headed back to her room. She has that silky deep voice and that voice becomes even silkier in the room. She certainly had a plan in mind and she stuck with that plan. Lady Sable has mad skills oral and madder skills otherwise. Once we finished and the voice over the loudspeaker called to let us know the fun was over…. We both were completely spent. If you want to have a Lady Experience then make sure you see Lady Sable She will rock your… c… ummm I mean world.