**** ** Into a Good Girl… check this out

Fuck Me Into A Good Girl

Grab my hips and position me just as you like.
I love it when you dig into me.
Take that sweet position from behind.
I may giggle innocently, but I’m so ready and wanton.
Let me breathe in this moment while I take you in whole for the first time.
Remind me what I’ve been missing; it feels like forever.

Yes, Please, dig your fingers into me tightly, as you thrust, slowly at first, and gradually build up speed.
Really, the pleasure is all mine.
Grab my hair and pull hard.
Don’t let me forget who’s in charge.
Growl in my ear your lascivious thoughts.
The sound of your rhythm – that lovely thrashing of your skin crashing against mine over and over.
Please don’t stop using me; I need your energy to fill me.
Let lust have its moment.
Do with me as you wish; I’m yours entirely.
Give me it rough.
I’m biting my lip, trying not to be too loud.
This act transcends all physical interaction.
You make me feel so fucking alive.
Keep hitting that spot and let my breasts swing freely and grind up against my clit.
I’m truly sorry you’ll never know what this sensation feels like, Sir.
Fuck me into a good girl.
I’ll grip your cock hard every other thrust.
Promise we’ll go again if you cum in me now.
I love the sounds you make and just how your body tenses up.
Collapse onto me in complete and utter exhaustion.
I feel dizzy, but I want more.

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