213I Need
by DaddyDa

I am in the need
to be pleased
My cock is begging
to be released
It’s being strangled
by my jeans
Get on the bed
don’t tease
I’m in the mood
to take you like a beast
No Foreplay
No Roleplay
All I need is to
fuck you
All I need is
your pussy
I can’t wait
I need it now
I will not lick your VJ
don’t give me a BJ
don’t even talk
I’m filled with need
to release my seed
so deep inside of you
I can’t help myself
I can’t control myself
I’m letting go of the beast
inside of me
So sorry if I get a
little rough
or a little too deep
but your satisfaction
will be reached
I won’t leave until
I see you incapable of walking
and talking
even then I might keep
until my cum starts
until my cock stops
I have a little over
7 inch
but it is as close to as thick
as my wrist
I will dig out your halls
and fill up the walls
with all of me
don’t worry its guaranteed
now come to me
and be a slave to me
drown in the pleasure I’m giving
I’ll accomplish your fantasy
now get over here
and let me have your pussy
with no restrictions

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