**!!How Our Brothels Work!!**

In case you’ve never been to the brothels out of fear, distance, marriage, whatever the reason,
we are here to accommodate in any and every way we know how!

If you’ve never been here, you are known here by us girl as a brothel virgin!:D:p

Let me explain the kind of things we do here, so you can get a feel of things!

  • The first thing you’ll experience is a line up! What this means is, the girls will line up in a row, introduce themselves by name, and you have the option to pick a girl of your choice, or even TWO! :eek: Our girls are not allowed to speak in line up, so don’t be insulted and turned off, if you speak to us, we cannot speak back! this is important to know, we are just doing our jobs!;)


  • We show you our facilities at no cost to you!! Prices are discussed and negotiated privately in each one of the girl’s rooms! There are a lot of tourists who come here to check it out, no need to be overwhelmed! :) (it is illegal for us women to discuss prices outside of our room, via internet, OR cell phone!) We prefer you here in our arms anyways! :D:p


  • We are all independent contractors, and what this means is, if there is something one girl can’t do, there will be another girl RIGHT around the corner waiting to scoop you up! You are bound to leave happy!:D


  • We get checked here EVERY Wednesday so… safety has never been an issue! CONDOMS are the LAW! And for the married fellas who would rather not get caught doing the deed with us, your privacy is important to us! AND… when you pay with your credit card… it shows Nevada Scenic Tours, completely untraceable! And we don’t want your wives finding out anyways, we love having you here!;)


  • We have bars!:D:cool: It helps cut the tension, and relax! And I know that our girls feel very special when we’re bought a drink from a lovely man!

If you are a fan of the Cathouse, Dennis Hof is frequently around! Our girls would be more than happy to introduce him to you too! One of my customers even bought him a drink! He’s kind of a big deal around here! :);) Oh, and he has a wonderful personality, if you can’t tell by these fun signs!

If you have any questions, do ask away! Don’t be scared:D:eek::oops::rolleyes::)[smilie=heart fill with love.gif]sab004002013542005