Fuck Cuddles

sableheaderIt is a cold morning. I wake up and glance at the clock, 5:30 am. The whole house is quiet. I can hear your even breathing in your sleep. Instinctively I back up and cuddle into you, seeking your warmth. Without you waking up I feel your arms pull me closer towards your naked body. Relaxed and content to be with you, I close my eyes and try to go back to sleep. Its Sunday and we don’t have to work.
Just as I am dozing off, your hand reaches for my breast and you roll my nipple between your fingers. I grin to myself, but pretend to be asleep. You continue gently playing with my nipple and I can now feel your cock hardening against my backside. You pinch my nipple hard and I let out a small yelp in surprise. I hear you whisper to me” I know you are awake, but don’t move”.
I hold completely still and let your hands roam over my breast. I can feel your leg nudging mine apart and your cock sliding between my legs, laying against my throbbing pussy. Barely moving you rub your member against my clit, slow and sensual. Back and forth, teasing mercilessly. I now feel the head against my entrance, slowly pushing against it, barely penetrating with the tip. Its a slow and gentle movement and with each stroke you slide in a little further. Your right hand is still playing with my nipple, rolling and tucking in tune with the penetration of your cock.
Once you are fully seated you stop moving. We lay joined in the most intimate way, listening to each others breathing. The urge to move escalates, but I was told not to , so I do the next best thing. I contract my pussy around your cock. Milking you, a gentle massage around your rigid penis. ” What a greedy girl you are ” I hear you say. Your hand reaches between my legs and slaps my clit , making me gasp and then moan. You start rubbing my pussy lips gently while you slide your manhood in and out of my vagina.
The whole act is very different from our usual sex. I love the intimacy, exploring each others bodies, and even so we barely move our arousal escalates into new heights. My breath comes more shallow now, my pussy spasms more rapidly around your cock and my entire body is on fire. You pinch my nipple and clit at the same time and I hear you say, “Come for me now.” Those magic words make me fall over the edge and I orgasm and scream your name. I feel you thrust a few more times and you spill yourself into me.
We lay still, spooning and cuddling and just enjoy being together. You kiss my hair and say, “I love our fuck cuddles……..”

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