Etiquette for Spending time with Sable Renae

A provider’s preferences are as unique as her clients. I have included these guidelines to help acquaint us. Should any questions arise, feel free to ask! I believe that if we lavish one another with mutual respect, mutual affection will follow.


 My desired method of communication is email. While planning our arrangements I prefer our contact be discreet and concise. I value your discretion as much as my own and will keep contact at a minimum. Our affections will be sweeter in person once they’ve developed in anticipation.


 Please leave the agreed upon donation in plain sight at the beginning of our date.
 I offer payment arrangements for frequent travel and overnight engagements. These donations must be made in full at the beginning of each engagement or by installments at booking.
Tips and gifts are appreciated but never expected.

Screening & Privacy

Screening is non-negotiable and required for all new clients. Couples will be screened as individuals.
I accept references from reputable providers that you have seen within the last 6 months. I am also happy to provide references if we have had a date in the last 6 months.   If you are new to companionship arrangement please contact me for alternate screening.
I have a professional and personal life outside of my companionship circle therefore privacy and discretion are the cornerstones of my business.
 Your details will be deleted once screening is complete.


I require a deposit for all reserved calendar space via my discrete billing system. Your billing information is not disclosed to me at all during or after any part of this process.
Deposits secure our time on the calendar. It is the first step in our mutual trust and sets the stage for anticipation.


In the event that you must cancel, your deposit is non-refundable but can be applied to a future engagement within 60 days (local) and 90 days (travel). Recurrent cancellations require 50% of the total appointment in order to reschedule.
Should I ever need to cancel (emergency only), I will gladly return your deposit in full or apply it to a future appointment with generous time during our rendezvous.


My very favorite scent is freshly showered flesh! I provide a variety of shower products, combs, mouthwash, plush towels and a hot shower, Our engagement is all about pampering… indulge to the fullest!

Invite me over

I am happy to visit your upscale residence or hotel and leave you happily spent in your own bed…or share it with you and depart after mutual morning delights!
 Please send parking and arrival instructions 2 hours ahead of my arrival time so that I can adequately plan for traffic.


There is no excitement quite like stepping onto an airplane bound for a steamy encounter! I require a minimum booking of an overnight plus $1,000 travel expenses for a fly me to you date in the Midwest or on the East Coast. Local flights on the West Coast can be arranged for a minimum of a 4 hour date and $500 in travel expenses. Find out more about my enticing travel options here.


I do not wish for reviews of me or our time together to be written on any website, hobby board or other published space. Our time together is ours, and intimacy is best kept when wrapped in discretion.
“There are no substitutes for good intentions and mutual respect. Faux pas are what make us human. We should take them in stride along with doses of humor and the best intent. I respect and value my companions and colleagues and I welcome those who share these values into my circle.