–by HappyMan
Enchanted, enamored, blissful, delighted and charmed…these words all describe how I feel about my time with Sable Rene.  I have been seeing professional working girls for the past 16 years.  During that time I have seen well over 50 different ladies and my experiences have run the gamut.  But never…NEVER before have I had the type of euphoric and deeply satisfying experience I recently had with Sable Rene.


Sable Renae made me feel like a king!


I’ve heard many people talking over time, and they will CONSTANTLY underestimate her. For ANYONE reading this review – that is the biggest mistake you can make.

We’ve been planning to party together for over a year, but for various reasons it never seemed to be the right time. But this past weekend, the stars finally aligned and we were able to make it happen!

I will start that in person, Sable is the ultimate lady. She is beautiful, intelligent, well spoken, and all around a striking beauty that can stimulate both the mind and body! I never actually asked her, but based on all our conversations, it felt like she had a southern debutante’s “cotillion” (google it if you don’t know what that is)

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Sable Renae – my overnight ecstasy

My time with Sable … Originally, I came to the ranch because I had an appointment with another lady – who fell ill. I was in town for a limited time, so I dropped by the Sagebrush for a tour and Sable chose to show me around. I had seen Sable on the website, and this being my first time to the ranch I was intimidated, mostly as a result of my own insecurity. We had some conversation after which I chose to leave. Later that night, I sent her an email – and she promptly responded and invited me to have a more personal meeting. So I cleaned up, returned to the ranch… one thing led to another and she returned to my room with me.

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I met Lady Sable when she was at the LRN… she simply oozes that smooth southern charm and when she struck up a conversation with me we hit it off immediately. I had spent a lot of my youth in the Midwest and we had a lot in common and became quick brothel buddies. She ultimately ended up transferring over the Sagebrush Ranch and it was there that we finally hooked up for our inevitable party. I had planned on partying with Sable many times but our individual schedules never synched up finally at the Sagebrush the timing was right and we discussed closing the deal. The negotiation was quick and we headed back to her room. She has that silky deep voice and that voice becomes even silkier in the room. She certainly had a plan in mind and she stuck with that plan. Lady Sable has mad skills oral and madder skills otherwise. Once we finished and the voice over the loudspeaker called to let us know the fun was over…. We both were completely spent. If you want to have a Lady Experience then make sure you see Lady Sable She will rock your… c… ummm I mean world.

My First Time With Sable

OK, here’s a recount of the first time I had the Lady Sable to myself:
I had her scheduled to come to the room I was in. As her show time neared, I hopped into the shower. I was almost finished when I heard a knock. I turned off the water and grabbed my dripping, towel, wrapped it around myself,going to the door thinking “Dammit! Who the hell is bothering me? I’m getting ready for something!!!”
I opened the door, primed to chew someone a new orifice . . . and Sable is standing there; she had shown up early! (I was to learn later that this woman’s professionalism is indisputable!)

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First A (a new review)

213A few weeks ago I get an email from Sable telling me that because she has not experience of anal sex (her boyfriend isn’t interested in it) she was losing business from clients who wanted it from her. She asked if I could teach her how to enjoy it. This is a favor I am happy to grant. I had her start a week before she came here by telling her just what kind of plug to get to train her anus and to keep it in twenty minutes a day while using a vibrator on her cunt. Sable comes very easily so I figured she’d learn to like the anal sensation more easily with some additional pleasure.
Sable is always very punctual. She’s not much for enduring pain, though she will take it for me, but she loves to give beautiful service of any kind. She is very graceful at this. She showed up here at exactly four p.m. as ordered. She wore only a pretty slave collar (to which she gave me the keys) and some very naughty red shoes with very high heels. Other than that, only a raincoat. She already had her butt-plug in when she arrived. I took her coat, held and kissed her and then made her wait while I found some good leather cuffs to match her collar. I poured her some wine and we sat on the couch with Sable’s hands locked behind her back while I fed her a glass of wine. She’s very affectionate and enjoyed being held close while she drank and I caressed her with my other hand. She’s very attractive – slender, long legs, completely shaved and has about the softest, smoothest skin anyplace.
It was a big occasion and we were both so excited I fucked her pussy first on the dining table, just like Steven in the book. It’s a nice feeling, fucking a girl’s cunt when she has a bumpy plug up her ass. She had to ask permission to come in just a few minutes. It was fun leading her to the playroom because she was a little unsteady on her feet after the first orgasm, but she still managed to get her clever hands around my cock when I guided her by the arm.
I cuffed her to the bondage bed back there, completely spread out, and used the vacuum pump on her (one of her favorite things) until her pussy was very swollen. It was easy to make her come again that way when I put my mouth on her cunt. She has a very eager to please me as well, and very good at it. She may not have been making money from her customers with her ass at that point but she certainly has other skills to offer.
Of course, I wanted to decorate her backside with some nice stripes to look at while fucking her from behind and she took her cane strokes very bravely for a girl who is really more submissive than masochistic, but she does love pleasing men and she knows it pleases me to hurt her at least a little bit first. And she does find some whips sensual. She loved our new short one we got at the event (everyone seems to love that particular whip), which I used on her against the padded wall of our space.
Moving on to the main event, I had her take out her butt-plug, which was nice and clean as she’d been instructed on how to cleanse her plumbing back there first, and got up on the bed on all-fours. I lubricated her very thoroughly, which she clearly enjoyed a lot, and then penetrated her with my cock very slowly and gently, enjoying the clean, straight lines I’d put on her with the cane. It’s always nice for me when a girl discovers that anal sex can be painless and very pleasurable if done correctly. I also let her use the vibrator on her clit while I did it. Not too many girls orgasm from their first experience with anal sex, but I’m happy to say Sable had three before I had myself sufficiently excited to withdraw. I made her take off her shoes, gave her a few stripes on her feet and then greased them up so she could entertain me with them before I finished all over her perky little tits.