The West Wing


I have been “binge” watching The West Wing. SOme of the girls have been asking me about what I’m watching and why. As to the West Wing. Well there is a very good reason why I like shows about the political process and here it is:

I’m a nerd. I admit this whole heartedly. When I was in school, and I mean high school my senior year I got the most hated instuctor in the entire school. Seriously no ONE wanted to get this guy. First day of school when they hand out the class assignments, you could always tell the kids who got this guy. The ultra smart, top ten kids ( you know the ones who graduate top of the entire school with scholarships to top schools) they would be the ones running to admin screaming they had to change their assignment and the rest of us would either shake our heads knowing we were screwed or just give up sit down shaking our heads. This guy relished his reputation.

Any way the first day in his class same speech every period to the new class of students. He didn’t give A’s period. If you Ace every test and assignment the best he was gonna give you was a B. Now wait for it there was a catch…. You could earn the A. You had to do extra work. In his mind doing everythin expected was Average work which was only deserving of a B (average grade). Going above and beyond what was required was what warranted an A. First part of the class Economics above and beyond for that was expailing a P&L and giving an explaination on hoew to make it better.

Now the reason I like politics. The second half of the class was Civics. To get a passing grade in the class ( and this was in the sylabus and 50% of the grade at the beginning of that semester) you had to outline and explain The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And You had to do it in your own words. You could half ass the assignment but, and remember I said there was a catch, what ever you came up with at the end of the 3 month period you had to complete this assignment was going to be your study guide and cheat sheet for the final in the class. All this work would still only garner you a B. In order to get that A there were extra credit assignments on a list. There were texts to be read and you could give a report on the material. You could debate an issue with this instructor (not really recommended he was not a good loser) or you could spend 2 weeks in the county court house as a spectator to any number of legal cases going on. I chose the last one. I also used my time wisely and did that outline over the 3 months I had for the assignment. I went through the dictionary, other Law references ect. To say that I got on very good terms with our local libraian would be an understatement of monumental proportions. I learned a lot from that experience and I also fell kinda in love with the way our goverment is SUPPOSED to work. Over time all that study actually has worked for me, and some times it has worked against me. Today’s politics tend to annoy me cause this was not how the framers intended things to work out. That said, the framers didn’t anticipate the those 3 documents would be the lasting cornerstone to our goverment which is why they left us the abilities to change and update the laws. Those 3 documents are living breathing things. And sometimes I think people forget this.

okay down off my soap box gonna go watch more West Wing

My “Stepford” EXPERIENCE

sab040JAY_311199021What is the best way to end to a hard day? I have a few thoughts. Just imagine . . .

Your day has been long. The work was hard, your boss a fool, your coworkers dull and useless. The weight was all on you and no one seemed to care, certainly not to appreciate. So, with heavy steps, you head to your door.

What do you want to see when you open it? What would ease your aches and pains? Make it all worthwhile?

I’ll tell you . . .

I’ll be there waiting, wearing an apron and a smile, nothing else. I’ll bring you in, sit you down and take off your shoes, replacing them with comfortable slippers. “Would you like a drink? Coffee? Tea? Whiskey or beer? Maybe a cocktail?”

You take your first sips as I gently rub your feet, and listen to you sigh in relief. With your next breath, you notice the smells from the kitchen. “You never called to tell me what you’d like, so I came up with something. I hope you like your steak medium rare, with roasted potatoes and garlic sauteed asparagus tips.”

I run my hand up your leg, giving your manhood a playful squeeze as I slide my body up yours. “We’ll talk about dessert later.” I kiss you, soft and wet. With a wink, I walk away, one hip at a time.

I pause by the table. “Oh, that’s not supposed to be on the floor!” So I bend at the waist to get it. As I come back up, I smile over my shoulder and crinkle my little nose: “I’ll take care of things.” Then I disappear into the kitchen.

Let me know what you think. I will make all the arrangements to make this a realitysab040JAY_311199071

More than a moment.

187This is a cross post from another site written by Innermind

“You can reduce sex down to a moment. From foreplay to climax. Nothing more than sensual sensations and animalistic needs being fed, had and felt. Nothing more than two warm bodies full of hormones, lustful thoughts and blood. Fucking each other to satisfy the fleshly desires we all have.

But sex is always more than a moment for me. Just as a person is more than their sexuality. Foreplay for my next sexual escapade with one another starts the moment I finish the last one.

That’s because the most important and erotic zone of the human body is the brain. It’s why the greatest form of stimulation is when you can excite someone’s thoughts. Where they get transfixed by the temporary fantasy of your seductive teasing and they yearn for you to make it a reality.

Intellectual creativity will usually trump dick size.

When you connect with someone on an emotional and mental level, that will yield hotter and more intense sex than if you just focus on the physical aspects of each other.

So you can choose to reduce sex to nothing more than a moment. Just make it about the encounter and not about the seduction.

But I know my mind is a lot more sexy than my cock. It’s why I’ll share my naked thoughts instead of a cock pic.

For me, sex will always be more than a moment, it’ll always be a way to communicate my emotions, my thoughts and my energy. That takes more than just reducing someone to their sexuality, it’s about knowing and celebrating the totality of who they are and connecting with them mentally first, sexually second.” -Innermind


I really cannot thank  the author enough. I totally agree with him. Most people forget that the the second largest sexual orgam is the mind (the first is of course the skin). Sex for sex’s sake certainly has it’s time and place but the best intimate moments happen when the entire person is engaged.

Old Hollywood Dancing to ‘Uptown Funk’ Will Brighten Up Your Day!!!!

Old Hollywood Dancing to ‘Uptown Funk’ Will Brighten Up Your Day!!!!

Watching this video every morning is a great way to start an awesome day. I applaud the person that took time to put this beauty together. Made from 66 scenes from some of the earliest musicals, this video is a piece of art. All the movies you see are from the Golden Age, no later than 1954, some of them are lost forever with only minutes on reels that have survived. None of these clips were sped up or slowed down. Please, enjoy and SHARE.

Old Hollywood Dancing to ‘Uptown Funk’ Will Brighten Up Your Day!

Golden age of Hollywood lasted from the end of the silent era in the late 1920s to the early 1960s. All the movies were made by the Hollywood studios. The Big Five film making studios were MGM, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, and RKO. Each studio owned hundreds of theaters in cities and towns across America. One studio could have thousands of employees, even actors and directors were employees of a particular film studio. Directors those days were not considered artists, and only a few, like Henry Hathaway, Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford, and Howard Hawks, were able to fulfill their artistic views. First musical films appeared in 1923-24. They were made by Lee de Forest and they were short. The Golden Age started with The Jazz Singer musical released in 1927 by Warner Brothers. That’s when silent era came to an end. Hollywood released more than 100 musical films in 1930, but only 14 in 1931. The audience got fed up with musicals and moved on. The 30th opened the Star studded era. MGM dominated the industry and had most of the top stars in Hollywood. Leading stars of the era such as Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich were labeled “Box office Poison.” They were payed huge salaries, despite failure at the box office, which dramatically decreased profits. The peak of the studio system was reached in 1939. That year these classics were introduced to the world: The Wizard of Oz, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Gone with the Wind, etc. Gone with the Wind held the record of highest-grossing film for 25 years, adjusted for inflation, it has earned more than any other film ever.

Saw This and decided to add the link here. I love LOVE old movies, especially musicals. This clip has 90% of the ones I love enjoy.



Authorities Seize Escort Site

Jan 7, 2016 10:22 AM PST

SEATTLE — Local and federal law enforcement authorities on Wednesday shut down, one of the best known and highly used escort network sites in the Seattle area. operated for several years, but today its home page today shows a message indicating it has been “seized pursuant to a promoting prostitution investigation conducted by the King County Sheriff’s Office, the Bellevue Police Department, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg will be holding a press conference later today relating to the seizure of the site, which was viewed as a discussion forum for clients and adult workers.

According to KIRO-TV, eight men associated with site were arrested for promoting prostitution, money laundering, and various other charges.

Industry attorney Lawrence Walters told XBIZ that the site’s seizure “appears to be part of the continuing war on sex trafficking.”

“While details are sparse, the seizure of a communications network, without any adversary hearing, is a disturbing trend in these cases,” he said.

The seizure of the site comes just four months after federal authorities seized another escort site, It also comes several years after authorities seized, another escort site that was based in San Francisco.

The Sex Workers Outreach Project, known as SWOP, condemned the site’s seizure and noted that there is resulting collateral damage.

“SWOP believes the closure of is the latest in a long history of abuses of people in the sex trade that puts these communities in more vulnerable and often more dangerous situations,” said Savannah Sly, SWOP-USA’s board president and former Seattle-based sex worker.

“Along with raids, attacks on web-based communities like TRB harm both native and non-native sex workers,” she said. “In addition to a discussion forum, TRB functioned as a free advertising platform for adult workers. Many adult workers in the Northwest relied on the site as a low-barrier and free way to advertise and work without management, indoors, especially subsequent to MyRedbook’s closure new barriers for using Backpage to advertise.”

Capri Sunshine, a local sex worker and the SWOP-Seattle media coordinator, said: “The site was valuable to a lot of sex workers. It was free, undocumented workers without ID or credit cards could use it, and it was where most girls got the majority of their work.”

“This has a lot of negative ramifications for sex workers,” she said.


I have only been doing this for about 7 months I have learned a lot, still have more to learn. One thing that I know for sure is I will never be able to make a living wage with now way o let people know that I am here. I have to be able to advertise my services somehow.

Although the folks here at the Sagebrush do offer us quite a number of tools, those tools do not work for everyone so, as in my case, I have to think outside the box. The fewer reputable place we have to get the word out the less likely we are to be seen. This is a real shame.SableRenae_0246

Jan 4

So my New Years Resolution is to keep a dairy. So this is the first entry.

New Years Eve through Yesterday was eventful,exciting and fun. My holiday gift to all the girl in the SageBrush House was a photographer at no charge. One of the things that Dennis and Suzette encourage every week is photos,photos,photos. Sometimes the timing for the photographers that come in is not always ideal for the Starlets so with the 4 day holiday one of my chosen family and an excellent photographer came up here to Carson City to visit. Michael Lumos and I have been really good friends and family for 10 years so when he said he was coming up I was really excited. He offered to shoot some new photos of me and he said if any of the girls needed photos he would be happy to shoot them as well. We had 10 girls that shot some of the standard “pretty girl” shots and then everyone also got really really creative. The shots will be edited and delivered to the girls over the next couple of weeks. So the should have new photos from all the ladies over the next month.

I was really in my element while he was here. Ran my tail off helping girls hitting line-ups and helping everyone get just what they wanted. It was really a lot of fun for me. Turned out to be a fantastic weekend.staceyMM-10





ONLY DAYS AWAY BOOK NOWtfa_poster_wide_header_adb92fa0

Star Wars: Episode VII
PG-13 2015 ‧ Fantasy/Science fiction film ‧ 2h 16m
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Thirty years after defeating the Galactic Empire, Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and his allies face a new threat from the evil Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and his army of Stormtroopers.
Release date: December 18, 2015 (USA)
Harrison Ford (Han Solo)

Harrison Ford

Han Solo
Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker)

Mark Hamill

Luke Skywalker
Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia)

Carrie Fisher

Princess Leia
Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron)

Oscar Isaac

Poe Dameron


My Anti Bully Project




When we started, our primary goal was to educate kids, and we aimed our materials at teaching them the lessons of the film. But we soon realized that we were missing a bigger opportunity to impact the adults in the school community. With the guidance of our partners, we looked for the most effective prevention strategies; we asked ourselves what we could deliver at scale that could make a difference?

The outcome of that work was a commitment to an educational reform approach known as Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL is about building trusting relationships within a school, teaching empathy, and ensuring that every student (even in a large school) has one adult they are connected to and can trust when they have a problem. It’s about building student leadership and embracing new types of discipline, and about creating public accountability around these issues. But it has also traditionally been a confusing and tough sell.

So our new task was to leverage the power of BULLY to move hearts and minds in the direction of SEL. In its first wave, over 250,000 students saw BULLY in movie theatres across North America!

Now our educator’s DVD and tool kit has become the vehicle: with a distinct “You can do it!” attitude and a universally affordable price of $35.00, it encourages purchasers to get on a roadmap to creating change in schools. We moved from a focus on teaching the lessons of the film to kids to curating a broader user experience aimed at adults first, and built on the premise that anyone in a school community can be the change maker. This theory of change is critical to understanding our 1 million kinds campaign. Today – with your help – The BULLY Project has surpassed its initial goal of 1 Million Kids. We have now reached over 3.6 million kids in over 3,000 cities and 7 countries, and that number is continually rising. 3.6 million represents 25% of all secondary students in the United States, but we know that can do better: As a result we’ve increased our goal to reach 10 Million Kids!



Today I’m going to tell you about a very, very special person in my life (WARNING there is nothing sexual about this one but IT IS FOR ALL MY FELLOW GEEKS AND NERDS).
When I was young ’round ’bout 12 years of age the eye doc diagnosed a desperate need for glasses. Let’s face it, this little Sable is blind BLIND BLIND without glasses or contacts. Unfortunately, when the very first pair of glasses was made for me they were not made out of the latest and greatest polymer materials we have today. I DID NOT look sexy or smart or even adorable. I looked like I had Coke Bottle bottoms over my eyes.Gawd they were atrocious! Now remembering that I was a budding teen I had the WONDERFUL (insert dripping sarcasm here) experience of wearing those “glasses” to school for an entire week. My fellow student were not kind. I got harassed, ridiculed, and bullied. I was miserable.

Now My parents have worked in Aerospace for my whole life at the time we were living in CA., and they worked at the largest private FBO in the state. It was in Van Nuyes/Burbank. It was called Pioneer Avaiation. My step-father(DAD he raised me) ran the Auto-pilot shop and my Mom ran the flight desk. Now me and my siblings are all very rambunctious, and I’m being kind here. Instead of worring whether they would come home to a house fire or us kids having slaughtered each other the folks took us to work with them on the weekends and during scool breaks. We got put to work filing, sweeping, doing windows, basically in busy work that coud be found to keep us out of trouble.

Thing about Pioneer because of it’s location there were a lot of Celebrities, and I do mean a LOT, that used the FBO as a place to keep and repair their aircraft. Besides my Dad is really Really good at what he does.

So I had had REALLY bad week. I am a very very stubborn girl always have been and so is my MOM. That weekend was not going well. I was acting out and really being a shite and mom was ready to throttle me. She was beyond frustrated. I got into something I shouldn’t have and she parked my ass behind the flight desk with instructions that if I moved I was dead. Boy I was upset I was muttering under my breath an really just making it worse cause she was gonna kill me if one more smart-assed comment left my lips. Right at that moment A customer/client came to the flight desk to pay his bill and take his plane out for the day. That customer was Leonard Nimoy. He knew my folks. My dad kept his plane in the air and my Mom took care of the things he needed done for his trips. He had over heard that last confrontation and asked my mom what the ruckus was all about. She told him. He asked if he could take me for a walk and a talk. Mom said sure then turned to me and very very quietly told be to BEHAVE or she WOULD KILL me. Now this whole time I had been sitting with my head down crying so I only heard the conversation, it hadn’t registered who she was talking to.

What I saw was this jean clad pair of legs walk into my line of vision. Then the person squatted down to eye level and tilted my face up and asked if I knew who he was. AT that moment the thought train had derailed, there were no survivors,and the body bags littered the ground. This was SPOCK, MY HERO, TALKING TO ME. What came out of my mouth was the yes I did know who he was. He said mom had said I could go for a walk with him, and he wanted to know if I wanted too. What I said was yes please. What I was thinking was DUH PLEASE DONT ACT LIKE DONT BE A DORK DONT BE A DORK AROUND SPOCK!!!! I got up took his hand and we went for a walk. Basics of the coversation were what was wrong with me. In a nutshell I HATED THE GLASSES, I didn’t like being bullied and I was just unhappy in general. He asked me if I thought he was a dork. Response NO OF COURSE NOT he was SPOCK. He pointed out that the glasses on his face were even thicker than mine. They had never stopped him or slowed him down. He also said something that I have never ever forgotten. Kids have no more experience than one or the other. And strangers opinions can only impact you for the nano second they are in you space. The only opinons that count are the ones you make about yourself and those of the people who care about you.

We had a nice walk and talk went back to mom and Mr. Nimoy took me flying that afternoon. After that when he came to the shop if I was there we talked sometimes went for a flight and sometimes just waved. When Pioneer changed hands and the folks went on to other job oppurtunities those days stopped. Recently we had a StarCon in Tulsa OK and before he passed Mr. Nimoy was on one of the guests. I was one of the people putting that Convention together and as luck would have it my friends in Tusa know this story so they set it up that for that weekend for me to be his Guide. It was a very cool reunion for Himself and my whole family. It was also just befor his passing. It has become a treasured weekend in my mind.

Live Long and Prosper