French Interview for “Le Point Q”

I recently did an interview for Le Point Q, it is a magazine with an online presence in France. You can see the article here (warnign if you translate the French to English some of what I said gets lost in that translation) So I am Posting the original version here before the Journalist’s conversion to French.

Interview Sable Renae

By Olivier J

First of all, it’s a great pleasure to interview the up and coming MILF actress.

  • How did you become a courtesan?
    Short story is it was a long standing bet.
    Long story-
    I used to watch Cathouse when I lived in Tulsa. Worked a corporate job for the 6th largest bank in the world (side note hated it) well they closed the site and I was chewing through unemployment trying to figure out what I wanted to do next. As things happen on a Friday night I had the girls over for Girls night and to say the Margaritas were flowing is an understatement. I was walking back into the kitchen to get another pitcher of sweet sour goodness and as I was walking out of the living room one of the girls on the show (no I can’t remeber which one) made a comment regarding a ‘tea party’ fiasco. I said that if I worked at the ranches, I WOULD NEVER complain about anything. Kept walking back to the kitchen. My mistake…. the girls decided while I was running the blender that I was gonna get dared. I walked back into the living room, libations in hand and all 6 of my friends looked at me and said well why don’t you apply? My response was ‘they’ll never hire me…look at those girls, HELL LOOK AT AMY!!!!!! NO WAY IN A MILLION YEARS!!!! My friends all were like do it, Do It, DO IT!!!! Dare ya, Double Dog Dare Ya, YOU HAVEN’T GOT A HAIR ON YOUR ASS DARE YA!!!! My reply was if I ever get the chance you’re on.

Things moved forward as they always do and I found myself in Los Angeles having just shot my first film and Ron Jermey invited me to dinner at the Rainbow Room. We were sitting in a booth that had a picture of Dennis and Ron on the wall and I made mention of the dare to Ron. He offered to talk to Dennis about me and he told me there was a way to apply online. I thought about the offer and that DARE and fiqured WHAT THE for a penny in for the whole pound. I sent off the email and photos and 3 days later had dates for my first tour.

Still learning and I REALLY have a long way to go till I’m even close to what some of these ladies are accomplishing but I am loving every day of it. It is the first time in my life where I look forward to what the day will bring. 

  • You became famous thanks to a picture taken with Mike Huckabee. Did your client treat you differently after that? Did you get more client thanks to that?

Mmmm…Mike Huckabee that is a story, one I will answer in a bit. Did my client treat me differently after that, not really, he is sweet and really with him it is more of companionship and mutual interests. I really didn’t get anymore clients after the photo in fact I think I may have lost a great deal of potential clients due to that photo.

  • I read that you supported Mike Huckabee, despite him being against prostitution. Isn’t there a contradiction?

This is the first interview where I have been asked if I even supported Huckabee. First of all you have to understand I didn’t release that photo nor did I give any interviews about it. All of the articles about that photo were written WITHOUT my input. 

Here is the truth. Up until the most recent US elections I have always been a Republican. I was raised in a Conservative household and for the most part I do have some Conservative leanings. However I have in the past crossed party lines in my votng and I HAVE ALWAYS made my descisions based on the information I gather to make that very informed decision. My client knew that I was following the elections and the debates. He also knew that I make very informed decisions and follow politics, it is a common interest we both share. He asked if I would be willing to accomany him to that rally as his guest (and Yes it was a paid date). I had never been to something like that and Although I DID NOT and Still DO NOT agree with Huckabee or his positions I agreed to the date. I am always open to having my mind changed by someone else, by the same token I beleive that one problem with Politicians is they NEVER talk to the people, especially Sex Workers, about why we do what we do and what Laws would benefit us. It seemed like an interesting date so I agreed. Mr Huckaabee knew who I was and Where I worked because I told him so. He was still willing to allow the photo to be taken. My client was the one who gave the photo to Dennis and Dennis is the one who provided it to the media. For what purpose I still DO NOT know. What I do know is it really REALLY hurt me and my business. I have a strict personal policiy of protecting my clients and their privacy. The assumption was I was the one to release that photo when in reality It wasn’t me. It was my client. The contraditction in the entire episode seems to me to have been manufactured. I Did not and DO NOT agree with any of the Republican party’s standings with regard to a wide variety of political policies and I have actually changed my voter registration to reflect that I am now and Independent voter.

  • In France, prostitution is illegal. What’s your opinion? Do you think legalizing prostitution with licenced courtesans, is a good thing? What’s the benefit for sex-workers?

 Making prostitution legal is a tough question. Legalization VS Decriminalization? As a Legal And Licensed prostitue I have an extremly high amount of overhead. Taking the daily operating expenses out of the equation…i.e. rent untilities and supplies. I  have to have medical tests weekly. Those are out of  pocket, same can be counted to keep my license because that must be renewed regularly. There are also expenses that come straight off the top of my earnings. There is the brothel license it’s self, as well as insurance and a bond. These expenses are a large part of the reason why seeing a licensed provider can be more expensive than seeing an illegal provider. However since I DO NOT have to worry about Law Enforcement I bring a high degree of guarantees to the table that my illegal counter parts cannot provide. I am not sure if Decriminalization will provide those same assurances. Contrary wise By being Legal it allows for a small handfull of people involved to make a great deal of money for very little effort on their part. It is an interesting case study.

  • Feminists, in France, are furiously against prostitution. They say it’s a way for male to dominate female, economically and sexually. What’s your opinion?

LOL…I am a feminist. Have been since I was in College. I have heard the arguments about it allows men to dominate women econimically and sexually. In doing this the real answer to that position from me is how? My Rates are set by me. I can say NO and at anytime. I can refuse to refund monies. If during the “party” the negotiated activities or in this case non-negotiated activities are violated I can and will terminate the Party and refuse to refund the money. I have Ultimate control over evrything in this senario. I CAN say NO. In any other job the employee cannot always say no. The boss says you are working overtime, sure you can say no, but you may lose your job. The boss says, you are going to do something that may not be in your job description ,you can say no but you may lose your job. If I say NO, worst thing that happens is I DON’T bookthe party, so I DON’T get paid. Not all money is good money and in this enviroment I DO NOT have to justify why I said no. I just simply say no. As a feminist I beleive that women are just as capable as men in most if not all things. That being said I am resposible to MYSELF, to that which makes ME happy and fulfilled. I am NOT subjugated in any way in my current chosen profession. I am fulfilled and I am happy. In so many ways that I never was in traditional jobs and careers. I can express my Feminism to it’s full extent in my current profession and I like that.

  • You also did scenes for the adult industry. The general public makes no difference between prostitutes and adult performers. Can you tell us the difference?

What is the difference between prostitues and Adult performers? That is a simple and by the same token complicated answer. Although a lot of the testing and activities for both fields are the same, there are some significant differences. On a film set you have a lot of stop and starts and not only do you have your co-star in the scene, you also have a LOT of other folks on set that are controlling the action. Plus because everything on set has to “be seen” on camera the positions are not actually natural. They look natural on the screen but BELEIVE me they aren’t. Most prostitues only do one on one sessions. They don’t have the lights, the camera, the additional people and they certainly DO NOT engage in the positioning that must be done on a film set. Beleive me if you have ever been on a set you won’t ever watch an adult film the same again.

  • What’s you best memory in front of the camera? Was it with Nina Hartley?

I actually have 2 favorite memories to date in front of the camera, and yes one of them was with Nina. 

The first favorite memory was with Jay Crew… I walked out of the dressing area and was introduced to Jay and I was like a kid in the candy store. I clapped my hands together and giggled. And said “perfect a silver fox….I LOVE silver foxes”. He and I had a few minutes to talk before the start of filming and we found a perfect chemistry. When the scene started it was amazing, the chemistry just ignited. It was very organic and extremly hot. Afterwards the producer was beaming and declared that we caught lightening in a bottle.

The other, which of course, was with Nina, actually did not take place on camera. It happened before film started rolling. You have to understand that sometimes the technical can weigh down the creative. On the set for “The Seduction of Nina Hartley” we had Nina Herself and 4 other women (myself included). All 4 of the ladies on set that day were hand picked by Nina herself. We all either knew each other, knew her, or wanted to know each other or her. Basically 5 women who like women and knew how to play with women. The production team (which were all men) were tying to hash out how the scene was going to be done and captured and it was stalling out the creative process. Nina just stood up told all of them that “You’re not dealing with a bunch of 20 somethings here. We all know each other, we all play with each other and we all know our job. So here is what we are going to do… You guys are going to turn on the lights, the sound , roll camera and get out of our way. We will give you what you want and need and have fun while we are doing it”. She was right ’cause   that scene has been reviewed to be one of the best scenes of an all girl gangbang on film to date.

  • Would you like to do more scenes? With which partner or which director?

I am still considered a “baby” pornstar. Would LOVE to do more scenes. Love being in front of the camera and I love what we get in the end. The list of partners I would love to appear with is VERY long so is the list for Directors. 

  • What would you never do with a client or in a scene?

My NO list is actually very very short but the ABSOLUTE NO is a Rape role play OR Rape scene. I beleive NO MEANS NO MEANS NO. Since one of the things I abhor about our current social beliefs is that once consent is given it cannot be revoked and that allows for things to horribly awry I refuse to encourage the behavior in any way. 

  • Finally, what are the next steps? What can we wish you for 2018?

The next steps……wow….well my next steps going forward are to continue to try to find ways to let the public know where I can be found and how to contact me. Unlike a lot of my fellow performers and quite a number of my fellow sex workers I am very easy to reach. My hope for this and for the Year of 2018 is to be able to buy a car and move into a slightly bigger place to live. Eventually I want to make enough money to build my own home and go back to school. Wish me luck.

  • Finally, could you say a couple of words for your French fans? (even in English)

Trouvez votre bonheur…le faire ethiquement, faites-le-legalement, mais trouvez votre bonheur.

**** ** Into a Good Girl… check this out

Fuck Me Into A Good Girl

Grab my hips and position me just as you like.
I love it when you dig into me.
Take that sweet position from behind.
I may giggle innocently, but I’m so ready and wanton.
Let me breathe in this moment while I take you in whole for the first time.
Remind me what I’ve been missing; it feels like forever.

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Does size matter?????????????

editedHI my Name is Sable Renae and I am a Legal courtesan at the Sagebrush Ranch in Carson City Nevade. I also am a Adult film performer,so I have had my fair share of Mother Natures plethora of sizes and shapes. I get missives and pictures from all over. On the Bunny Ranch Message board, Twitter, Facebook, ect. Pictures of all sorts of “equipment”. Big ones, little ones, circumcised, un-circumcised, every color, every race, every creed, all with the same question…”Is it big enough?”edited 2 (2)

So in order to put your mind at ease here oare some things you should know.
Most males, at some time in their lives, worry about whether they are “big enough.” Many women wonder whether bigger is better.

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The Stepford Experience (and Why You Need to Have It with Me)

278Let’s just forget about what you’re supposed to want from a woman for the moment and talk about what you REALLY want.

It’s a tough world out there and every day you compete for your place in it with both men and women toe-to-toe. And after work the women you know are likely to be just as competitive. They fight for what is theirs and in the process they tend to lose that soft, yielding desire to please a man just the way he needs and in every way he needs, that you may remember from an earlier era.

Perhaps you recall a movie called The Stepford Wives about a town where men turned their spouses into literal living dolls – always perfect in their appearance, impeccable in their manners and, above all, completely devoted to being what their men wanted them to be.

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RGarcia - 0927


RGarcia - 0926

What is Pretty?

Class, today we will be discussing a rather polarizing topic. What is pretty? We can all think back on our early years, and the hell of social acceptance, and the questions that would run through our developing minds. Am I thin enough? Am I muscular enough? Is my hair nice? Do I have enough money? Why does everyone love (insert name like Bryce or Madison) and not me? Did I remember to put on deodorant today? Why did my mom buy me these Macgregor shoes? I am going to get so much shit for these ugly things. Luckily, we get older, and what was once, I really hope no one picks on me today for these parachute pants, becomes, fuck it, I’m wearing parachute pants to the grocery store. *5 second delay. Sorry, I had a flashback of men wearing Philadelphia Eagles parachute pants, and it made me lose my train of thought. Oh, yes! What is pretty? Well, brace yourselves people, because we are going on a bumpy fucking ride.

I like weird things. I like oddballs. I like scars. I like noses that aren’t perfect. I like women, models or not, who are confident in their bodies, because it’s theirs. I like men who know that machismo has a time and a place, and it isn’t 24 fucking 7. I like cross-dressers who can work that look without giving two fucks what people think of them. I like things that sweat and work hard. I like families of 4, who don’t have a pot to piss in, but always make time for one another. I like books that are worn and have that “sat in your grandmother’s oak chest” kinda scent to them. I like finding properly made clothes at a second hand store. I like thinking about who wore the clothes before me, and what kind of crazy shit they got into together. Were these pants hanging on a chair during an Eyes Wide Shut-style orgy, where everyone’s wearing masks with animals holding cigars in their mouth? I like girls who can do squats like a champion, and don’t feel insecure if they aren’t acting feminine enough. I like roads that wind, and bridges that creak. I like rainy days. I like underdog stories. I like a boxer with swollen, bloody eyes, stunning his opponent with an out-of-nowhere right hook, and raising their hands in victory. I like people from the streets who don’t have a nickel to their name, but will give you the shirt off their back if you need it. I like red vines, not just twizzlers. I like shitty comedies, that don’t take themselves seriously. I like old cars with wood-paneling and a tape deck. I like tears of sincerity. I like passionate debate. I like rough sex. I like to hear the truth, even if it hurts. I like the prodigal son. I like Van Gogh’s view of the world.

Beauty isn’t just a rail-thin girl with big doe-eyes. Beauty isn’t just an Abercrombie model standing 6 ft 4″, who’s currently taking his summer off to play soccer in Brazil. Beauty is Johnny Cash screaming into a microphone as prisoners bob their heads. Beauty is a soldier running with a child in his arms as mortar fire falls around them.

All beautiful things aren’t pretty. All pretty things aren’t beautiful. Pretty is subjective.

I just find embraced flaws, unabashed scars, and unique qualities so fucking hot. Give me your weird. If you work hard to look like every shiny quarter out there, then I will flick you down a slot, and take my bubble gum in return. Even if it’s that shitty flavor no one wants, that has been sitting in the machine for years. I would rather grimace and chew the shit out of that bland gum, then pander to basic shine.

Love your un-pretty. It’s what makes you, you.

Fuck Cuddles

sableheaderIt is a cold morning. I wake up and glance at the clock, 5:30 am. The whole house is quiet. I can hear your even breathing in your sleep. Instinctively I back up and cuddle into you, seeking your warmth. Without you waking up I feel your arms pull me closer towards your naked body. Relaxed and content to be with you, I close my eyes and try to go back to sleep. Its Sunday and we don’t have to work.
Just as I am dozing off, your hand reaches for my breast and you roll my nipple between your fingers. I grin to myself, but pretend to be asleep. You continue gently playing with my nipple and I can now feel your cock hardening against my backside. You pinch my nipple hard and I let out a small yelp in surprise. I hear you whisper to me” I know you are awake, but don’t move”.
I hold completely still and let your hands roam over my breast. I can feel your leg nudging mine apart and your cock sliding between my legs, laying against my throbbing pussy. Barely moving you rub your member against my clit, slow and sensual. Back and forth, teasing mercilessly. I now feel the head against my entrance, slowly pushing against it, barely penetrating with the tip. Its a slow and gentle movement and with each stroke you slide in a little further. Your right hand is still playing with my nipple, rolling and tucking in tune with the penetration of your cock.
Once you are fully seated you stop moving. We lay joined in the most intimate way, listening to each others breathing. The urge to move escalates, but I was told not to , so I do the next best thing. I contract my pussy around your cock. Milking you, a gentle massage around your rigid penis. ” What a greedy girl you are ” I hear you say. Your hand reaches between my legs and slaps my clit , making me gasp and then moan. You start rubbing my pussy lips gently while you slide your manhood in and out of my vagina.
The whole act is very different from our usual sex. I love the intimacy, exploring each others bodies, and even so we barely move our arousal escalates into new heights. My breath comes more shallow now, my pussy spasms more rapidly around your cock and my entire body is on fire. You pinch my nipple and clit at the same time and I hear you say, “Come for me now.” Those magic words make me fall over the edge and I orgasm and scream your name. I feel you thrust a few more times and you spill yourself into me.
We lay still, spooning and cuddling and just enjoy being together. You kiss my hair and say, “I love our fuck cuddles……..”

If you like this and want to join me for it contact me now and we’ll set it upsableheader


give yourself to me
by thepagemaster
i told him:

“give yourself to me;
i promise poetry
and portraits

i will make you cry,
and i will make you laugh.

on your back
upon the floor —
or in the garden
with the flowers

you taste
in the sun”


213I Need
by DaddyDa

I am in the need
to be pleased
My cock is begging
to be released
It’s being strangled
by my jeans
Get on the bed
don’t tease
I’m in the mood
to take you like a beast
No Foreplay
No Roleplay
All I need is to
fuck you
All I need is
your pussy
I can’t wait
I need it now
I will not lick your VJ
don’t give me a BJ
don’t even talk
I’m filled with need
to release my seed
so deep inside of you
I can’t help myself
I can’t control myself
I’m letting go of the beast
inside of me
So sorry if I get a
little rough
or a little too deep
but your satisfaction
will be reached
I won’t leave until
I see you incapable of walking
and talking
even then I might keep
until my cum starts
until my cock stops
I have a little over
7 inch
but it is as close to as thick
as my wrist
I will dig out your halls
and fill up the walls
with all of me
don’t worry its guaranteed
now come to me
and be a slave to me
drown in the pleasure I’m giving
I’ll accomplish your fantasy
now get over here
and let me have your pussy
with no restrictions

like it? want it? book an appointment today with me213