Brand Me


by AurorableOne

I close my eyes
And imagine giving myself over to my Master
I close my eyes and imagine
Undressing before him
Waiting for his approval
Waiting to see a glimmer of excitement in his eyes
That my flesh does provoke a need from him
I bare my naked soul
As the last of my resistance fades

I close my eyes
And yet feel his upon me
I feel him tilt my chin up as he kisses me
Prolonging the kiss as his tongue traces my lip
Then bites gently on it
My body beneath his shadow
Slowly revealing what his touch does to me
As I can smell my scent on the air around us
This pleases him
I can tell by the way he breathes me in
Tasting me in his memory

I close my eyes
As my passion begins to burn
Taunting me
Beckoning me towards his heat
It seizes me
Leaving me trembling until
He decides to release me
Until he feels I am deserving
Until he feels I am ready

I close my eyes
As I surrender to his touch
While he unbuttons my blouse
And peels away my skirt and panties
I surrender to his fingers, mouth, his cock
As he exposes me to the room and his will
I stand obedient while he tastes
And teases my flesh
Until I am standing
And exposed

I close my eyes
Lost in my thoughts
My fears
My memories
My needs
Aching with a longing
Trembling from gear
Then I feel his hand
Guiding me back to him
To safety
To where I belong

I close my eyes
As the heat rises from my lap
As he takes complete control
As he bends my body to his desires
His will
His needs
Using me as he wishes
Over and over
Demanding every part of me
To obey him
My flesh etching him into itself
Branding me as his