Are you hard yet?

my lips press against yours. Hungry. Urgent.
Kissing you like I’m trying to taste your soul.

My lips against your neck.
My teeth in your flesh. Biting into your pulse.

My tongue down your chest, capturing your nipple, snaking its way down your stomach..across your hips.
Stopping just before reaching the place where you’re standing long and proud, throbbing for me.


my brown eyes looking up at you, brighter with desire.
me lean down, eyes still on you, and lick the base of your cock.
circling, teasing, but never touching.

me take you in my hand, and rub your sensitive head against my nipples.
using your pre-cum as lubricant.

me wipe it off my nipple, and lick the tip of my finger, tasting you.


my lips finally wrap around you.
The warmth of my mouth, and the softness of my tongue.

your cock sliding further and further.
my molars gently grazing you.
your cock sliding past my tonsils.

How deep you are.


your fingers bury themselves in my hair.
your fingers in the rough softness of my curls.
your nails grazing my scalp.
your hand gathering up the thick mass of my hair, into a makeshift ponytail, as you guide me down even further. until you’re fully sheathed in my throat.


my moans as you fuck my throat.
my gagging, my choking.

me telling you how good you taste as I come up for air.
me telling you I want you back down my throat.


how wet my pussy is for you.
The juice run down your fingers as you dip inside me.
and it collects in your palm.

my moans against the shaft of your cock, vibrating all the way down to your balls.

how my throat tightens as you shoot your load down it.

Now…tell me…

Are you hard yet?
– InsipidSky