About Me

Hello My name is Sable Renae.
I could tell you all about me but I thought you might like to hear from one of my clients who has known me for some time, Gentleman to Gentleman.

“That petite frame and smooth, smokey southern drawl will pull you in, but you will soon realize that there is far more to this lady under the surface. She carries herself with class and poise, but she can show you a far different side when the time is right . . .

The way she moves and dresses have a grace and elegance that make me think of fine red wine and candles. Then the doors close behind her, and we’re alone . . .

Sable has done exotic dance for over 20 years, and it shows in her walk. She has performed in front of the camera, with several videos to her credit. She is an avid reader, and DEVOURS anything printed about sex. These are what show when that slinky dress comes off. But what does it take to get her behind that door?

OK, let’s be real. Any good “companion” in her trade can be good on stage and in bed. But what happens when you need someone who is more than that? Remember that slinky dress? Exchange it for an evening gown at a formal dinner. Sable is a Lady and can handle it. She is perfectly comfortable at a $10,000 a plate fundraiser, and won’t need a refresher on the silverware from the hotel manager.

You like things a little spicy for “dessert?” She can handle that too! I’ve seen her on her knees showing skills any man, any size would appreciate.

I’ve also seen her ordering men to their knees, making them prove they’ve been good enough to get a reward. (And its a very sweet reward.)

Or maybe you’d like to talk for a while. Before, during and after those good night sweats, she can discuss anything! Sex isn’t the only thing she reads about.

And don’t forget her outdoor skills! Sable is more than a Lady, she is also an earthy, outdoorsy woman! Ask her about hunting and camping some time. She has a video of herself with a 9mm pistol. The first time she went shooting in 15 years, and her grouping would have made any Marine proud!

I guess I could sum it all up by saying there’s not much in this world that Sable hasn’t tried, had fun with, and can do with you. But be warned: she used to ride rodeo, once upon a time. Those shapely legs are STRONG !!! (I have GOT to go see her again . . . )”

Want toexperience ALL of this for yourself…